With a Completely New Interface, Pagos SpreadsheetWEB 5.0 Makes Transforming Spreadsheets Into Web Applications Easier Than Ever

SpreadsheetWEB gets a complete facelift with 5.0 – featuring a brand new user interface that aims to make it even easier to move spreadsheets to the web.

Excel is the Swiss Army Knife of the business world: professionals use it to run calculations, design new tools, and make decisions. Many companies have seen the great potential in moving applications created with Excel to the web. However, custom web development is a tedious and costly process – not to mention the strenuous task of making changes and updates to those applications once they go live.

We believe that web deployment shouldn't have to overburden businesses - it should be a simple task that any business professional can handle.

Ugur Kadakal, CEO

Since its release in 2006, SpreadsheetWEB has been offering businesses the means to capitalize on their spreadsheet design skills and knowledge. No matter how complex, an Excel model can be converted into a web application within a very short time, while costing significantly less when compared to custom web development. At the same time, experienced users with web design experience can utilize it to create their own custom UI applications or connect existing ones to their SpreadsheetWEB calculation models.

5.0 is one of the most comprehensive updates that we’ve ever made to SpreadsheetWEB, featuring a completely new user interface, responsive design, and dozens of new features.

“Over the past year, we have been working on creating an intuitive user interface and making the SpreadsheetWEB experience available on all types of devices” said Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos, Inc. “We believe that web deployment shouldn’t have to overburden businesses – it should be a simple task that any business professional can handle. Every feature, option, or button will feel like they are exactly where you expect them to be. We hope you will enjoy the new face of the software as much as we do.”

Source: Pagos, Inc.