Latest Data Visualization Feature, Released by Pagos, Inc., Helps Analysts Understand Social Networks

As the importance of social media continues to grow, Visart 2.2 helps analysts understand the connections within social networks more deeply with data visualization.

Data visualization company takes on network analysis with the Visart 2.2 release. The cloud-based software provides users of small and medium sized businesses (SMB) the chance to understand organizational and network relationships with its new charting features.

Parent company, Pagos, Inc. offers reporting solutions to streamline everyday processes, like data management and analysis. Visart 2.2 is a self-service data visualization platform that helps users see the big picture of relationships that facilitate within and outside of their organization.​

Companies who employ network analysis, social or organizational, are at an advantage by understanding the relationships that affect their business goals internally and externally.

Ugur kadakal, CEO

"Our team is excited about the growing agility of the Information Age. Visart 2.2 extends its uses from business data to social data. Everyday people can become data analysts; using our latest features to identify network patterns and hierarchal relationships," said Ugur Kadakal, CEO at Pagos.

Visart software is a self-service data visualization platform that empowers everyday professionals with data management, access controls, dashboard design and collaboration. Users can employ these tools on the cloud or local server for heightened security. 

As Kadakal explains, business managers hoping to adapt to the networking era should include social data in their research and development initiatives. Small and medium sized businesses are the most at-risk for falling behind in this rapid transformation, which is why affordable and effective tools are so important.

While larger corporations tend to have bigger budgets, smaller organizations must find craftier solutions that empower entire teams, rather than a few IT professionals. Even with in-house IT departments in place, the self-service nature of Visart 2.2 aims to help improve operational efficiency by minimizing communication errors and reducing the need for personnel training, storage and scalability. This saves organizations time and money in the long run.​

"Social and organizational data adds context to traditional business intelligence with quick, every day analysis," Kadakal explained. "Self-service visualization bridges the gap between IT and everyone else. Our vision at Visart is to provide a quality charting engine for teams with time constraints and limited budgets to access the rapid production of data visualization."

The goal for Visart software is to make data visualization more accessible for everyone with extended capabilities, a minimal learning curve, and lower price point than the competition.    

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